Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Jerry’s Artarama

I had fun visiting an art supply store in Norwalk Conneticut. But look how they lock up our supplies!!!! But at least they have spray paint. It’s illegal to sell in Chicago. Boo!!!

Long Island Sound And Norwalk

Monday, August 06, 2018

More New York

These first three photos are from the 8th flow patio cafe at the new whitney. May 2015 the Whitney opened at its new location in Chelsea...so its not the new...but new to me I guess!

I was able to park my car at Greenwich and Charles. Yay...thats Andrew Shand and Judy Levy waving by my car.

Judy and I outside by some graffiti...and next door to Commes Des Garcon...what an incredible store design. Clothes of course I love them!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My Art Site

Please consider pledging at my art site. I have some awesome rewards and you are helping me live my dreams...even with a $1 a month!


These are handmade postcards...and you can get art mailed to your place!

Vancouver And Thereabouts 

I was out in Vancouver for two weeks. Went for a wedding and to see family and friends. The wedding was a camping event and a bunch of set up tents in the Sunshine Coast rainforest. What a blast we had lots of great food, drink and live music!

Fishing on Lake Saginaw.

Ran into this guy about 3 meters away. He was eating apples off a tree!

Ferry To Sunshine Coast