Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Moly!

Sheesh, wasn't it just last week I was moaning and groaning how we might be forced into a corner to vote for the Liberals just in order to get rid of that fasacist, immoral war-mongering, sexist Stephen Harper?

Holy shit...I can't believe the polls are suggesting that NDP has perhaps become a force in this election? I almost fell over watching the news yesterday!

I've voted NDP all my life and was pretty sick about voting Liberal this Monday...but it looks like I will vote NDP afterall!

I have to have someone go to the voting polls with me and swear an oath with me so I can vote this election...but I am ever so grateful to be able to vote for Jack Layton. At the very least he might be able to make Harpers life miserable and thats good enough for me. He will also be able to have a chance to keep Canada cool!

I have pics and various notes to post about the past week here in Vancouver and will get to them tomorrow...haven't had much of a chance in the past bit. We are having an awesome visit in Vancouver. Tonight I will be awake all night watching the massive pagan celebration and so excited. I've already had a few tears watching some of the preliminary news stories and reading an article about Kate and William in Vanity Fair...pretty exciting stuff. Some estimates guess that half of the world population will be watching this wedding...can that really be possible?

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I wont be watching since I will be working but I heard on the radio this morning on my way home that they did a preliminary run through the parade thing they are going to do to make sure everything is safe though..