Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Auditioning is a very fun part of making a movie. I really enjoy it. I love actors so much and am always so fascinated by how each person has their own unique energy, charisma and persona to offer and explore. We auditioned a few people today...and as soon as I met the actor in these two pics I knew she would be perfect for one of my characters. The actors had prepared 2-5 minute monologues which they performed, and we told them about the outline of our film. We also found out a little bit abut them as people as we sat chatting and they found out a bit about us. Auditioning also really inspires me about the actual work to come and it really makes it real. Making a film is a little like starting up a train and once it gets going it can feel like it has its own engine marching forward.

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