Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Big Changes

Okay lots going on! The above action shot of the bunny...is taken at Grandma's place yesterday. It ight be one of the last pics I take at Grandmas place...as we are in the slow process of moving. Yep...it's time. We've had a good run but it's time to get back on the saddle.

 Our new place is in Pilsen. Stagg and I love Pilsen and we have have always said we wanted to live here...and through a variety of events and good luck we got word on an apartment here...and so we have been slowing making a move. Sometimes we are sleeping at Grandmas and sometimes we are sleeping at new place and setting it up. The above picture is a a total change of pace...it's the film crew for Shameless
 We also had a moving company bring a lot of our stuff here today. So this is like the craziest longest day ever...I've been unpacking all day and trying to get the place comfy. It's coming along. And then I am biting my nails about the election...what a day I'm a wreck!!! Oh please please please let it be Obama...!!!!!

Yes, those really are black pvc curtains in the kitchen...lol

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