Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Bike Ride Of The Season

 Or..burning searing pain. Took my bike out the other day for first time. Had to get air and it needs a tune up but I went out just to start to break myself in. Ouch am I out of shape and sore. I rode 15 minutes...which would have taken you 5 minutes...and was sore. But I rode half hour over to Bridgeport again...the area I posted about below.

 Stopped for a meat pie and potato medicinal pain relief from bike ride. Read my magazine for a while then back home. Plan on getting both Stagg's bike and my bike tuned up next week. We have a wonderful bike co-op a block away. I will blog about that soon.

I think this is a hairless rat we have for adoption at the pet store. He's all wrinkly.

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Greg S. said...

You're ahead of me this year Candy! I don't know where the soreness was worst, but I can heartily recommend padded underwear to cushion the bumps in the road, especially for longer trips. Happy trails!