Friday, June 21, 2013

Get 'Er Done!

I'm very proud of my man. Look, I'm a film maker...and all film makers have to have day jobs. We're insane workaholics on some level. There's a lot of people out there who say "I'm an artist" "I'm a film maker"...but they don't have day jobs. I'm a film maker...I have to have day jobs. It's just so damn expensive to make a movie, even a short have to have a day job. And anyone who doesn't have a day job is a bullshitter. I will do anything to make a buck and to put it towards editing, filming, craft services. Unless you're Speilberg or've got a day job. But traditional "fine artists" often get caught in a trap of not working. A day job also keeps you in touch with your community...with other people who also have day jobs. That healthy. A lot of people say well Candy you're a bartender...I don't see your films in theatres. Thats okay I keep plugging away. I got rejected from the Cannes competition. But how many people can say they tried to put a film in Cannes? But my man he schleps his art work al over the place. John Cage
said the picture frame is the enemy of art and I think the gallery is too. Stagg works day jobs, picks extra work and he still hauls his paintings out to the streets. And not a lot of folks, especially artists...who believe they are too good to have a day job... have ever said to him..."Man you're kicking ass. Thats cool you busk." Non-artists have given him a lot of props for busking. Busking is a centurys-old practice. Get it on the street, for people to take home: And my guy gets it out there! He gets rejected all the time...and some people see him as ghetto for selling outside...he keeps on going...He is working so damn hard at stuff, it's humbling. Stagg you kick ass and I am so proud of you!!!!