Saturday, January 11, 2014

Holiday Tree

I hadn't decorated a tree in five years! I had a lot of fun digging out the ornaments and picking up a tree. We had to drive to get a tree because we couldn't find one in our we put the tree in the back seat of the car with the roof down. This was our tree last year
. And here is the tree we had in 2008. In these pictures as well as the tree in 2008, you can see the homemade "star" I put...with "star" spelled out all artsy. I got some arctic animals this year for the tree too. Okay and I think that wraps up my catching up posts for this past holiday season. Hopefully I can stay on top of blogging this year...I miss it!I like looking at the decorations in pictures...weird I'm sure...There is a narwhal...and an orca with sequence...and a felt letter A and a felt letter C.

A A glass poodle decoration
A bear and a mexican skull

A wedding cake decoration from our sister Kathy Stagg.
A pope from Grandmas collection of decorations

An owl...a coke bottle a wolf
Yes and a smore playing guitar!

And a decoration that says "all you need is art"

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