Monday, February 16, 2015

I Heart Kayne

As many of you know...I love Kayne West. Just love him. I believe his album "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" is a must own recording. I live for his outbursts. I love them. I mean they keep me revved. I would love to have him to my house and talk about how to negotiate lifes ups and downs and disappointments....and one of the things I love about Stagg is he gets into all this music shit with me. This morning we were all up in it again...talking about Kayne. And how cool Beck was to invite him to stay at the microphone. One of the reasons Kayne wants to support Beyonce is because his outburst supports a female artist...but it also is loyal to his mentor Jay Z. And I was saying...I wonder is Kayne maybe got social anxiety, does he maybe have some Asbergers? And Stagg....he says....He thinks Kayne's rushing the possibly an idea taken from Wu Tang Clan. Oh my god!!!! Stagg is right!!!! That is so classic in the tradition of rap and hip hop to "bums rush" (which is the opposite of the old fashioned concept of bums rush...the urban idea of bums rush is the bums taking over). Here is the clip of ODB rushing the stage at the Grammys many years ago....

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