Friday, July 15, 2016

Community Outreach May Have Inspired Chicago Mayor To Take Similar Action

I sent Mayor Emanuel two emails . See above one I wrote him 3 days ago about an independently produced PSA plea for landlords to rent to unhoused persons in Chicago. Yesterday the Mayor sent out a letter to landlords. I'd like to believe I kicked his butt a little to take some action.

An interview with Arturo V. Bendixen from The Center For Housing And Health in Chicago requesting citizens to rent housing to homeless people. 

Why consider being a landlord who offers to rent an apartment to the homeless?

-guaranteed rent 

-case manager always available to help the client

-a way to serve the community

-house people who are now living in tents

If you are a landlord, or want to become a landlord, and want to serve our community and help people living outside, please call 
Arturo v. Bendixen

Center for Housing & Health


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