Friday, October 14, 2016

Stagg's Group Art Show Opening

We can see the library roof from our spot at the Plymouth Rooftop Lounge. Stagg is in a group art show downtown at State Street Gallery at....401 South State Street. The show is open until Dec so please....go and see his stuff. You'll really enjoy the show!
Harold Washington Library. Built Po-mo in 1991.
Trica, Linda and Stagg
Add captionAunt Judy came in on the metro to see the show!

Jim, Mike, Linda, Tricia, Darrick and Didi.

Didi and Nancy
Darrick and I
Darrick Nancy and I

Group hug! Stagg and Darrick went to high school and art school together!

At Miller's Pub for late night supper. Oh my gosh it was delicious!