Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Biting Each Other

I am very sad about the canabalizing of feminism. It's been through the last 6 months through the heat of the election till now. Feminism is not a patriarchy, yet, people are acting as if it is. We have so many unique personal perspectives on issues and not one of them can emerge if they are approached competitively: Feminism's base is an ethical base. It is patriarchy and corporatism that believes in hierarchy. When educational facilities become corporate they anoint their students with corporate entitlement. 
Where is the wisdom for the person who is "more informed" to use that skill to reach out and be more patient? Isn't there an ethical responsibility where having "more information" means needing to have more responsibility for communicating clearly and kindly? What is the value of having a so-called education if it comes without walking the higher road...and seeing it as a responsibility to be more communicative and more patient than those one deems "uniformed"?
Feminism offers an opportunity to practice ethics. Each woman finding a way to listen to each other despite the urge to compete for one's own personal agenda. I am an outsider...I fall into a small group of feminists whose focus is on the environment, animals and economic re-distribution. It's very difficult to find a politician who represents those issues, and many people have taken umbrage with me because I feel the environmental issues are the ethical and scientific structure to frame all issues. (I've been bitten by some canibal feminists.) One of the hierarchies at work right now is the war between the city and the country. Where I sit, it is the utter breakdown of an ethical perspective. It seems as if people do not know how to argue without making personal attacks or dismissive choices of words...and that is a problem. 
We need to protect not just the land of the countryside...but also the people who reside in the countryside. The ethics of our whole situation are that we need to embrace all the issues...wholistically and be able to see that people in the countryside are suffering terribly. They are poor and feel no one is listening to them. We need to find a way to get food and livelihood to people in both the countryside and in the cities...the two areas of the culture need to begin to cross-over and communicate. We need a way to protect medical needs AND environmental needs AND ethical needs. It's too easy for higher educated people to feel superior to those they believe are "ignorant" or "rural" (code word for stupid). The lack of compassion towards those people who one deems "uniformed" are systemic of the way education has become a commodity and excuse for entitlement. The educated need to find a way to communicate with those people who may or may not use the same vernacular. What is the purpose of getting "informed" if one uses it as a hierarchy to dismiss others.

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