Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Before And After, Bespoke Services

Trying to do more fun things but need a little help? We can do just about anything.

Want to have a clean house and a dinner party? We can do that. We can fix a deck, paint a room, track down unique items for decor, pet sit, dog walk, and cook your supper.

Providing boutique (bespoke-custom) service on an hourly basis (3 hour minimum. We build on that minimum)

Tasks we perform:

-light plumbing and electrical
-hanging shelves, blinds, drapes
-cleaning (we use natural handmade non-toxic cleaning products)
-garden set-up/maintenance
-small repair jobs
-grocery shopping
-sous chef prep for your entertainment plans
-sewing buttons, curtains
-sourcing and delivery of local food and unique food products (coffee, vegetables, kombucha)
-pet sitting/dog walking/plant care
-setting up wifi or waiting for deliveries.
-personal assistant support

Ask for bids on larger jobs Contact Michelle or Candy at Facebook...

 Housepainting, closet organization, custom objects created.

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