Monday, February 12, 2018

Some McCarthy-ties Moments

High Priestess of Superior Apocalype....our fearless panel leader and coordinator Doctor Katherine Sugg. I love you baby!!! Hugs and kisses!

Da boys! The right honourable Doctor Wallis R. Sanborn whose company was a joy. Wow I learned a lot from you and the general conversations were so awesome! Thanks for mugging with the art. Dear dear Rick Wallach concubine of Godzilla Druid deadhead extrodinaire. Ricks paper on the climatic metaphors and imagery of the Cowboy Junkies was sublime. I know Rick as a robust sharp writer and was pleased to see this tender side of his writing. 

The Stagg-can captured Rick working in the lobby on the floor below his display table for art.

On Fridays McCarthy panel was Christopher Porter. We hope to be lucky to watch him work his way through more McCarthy novels! What a wonderful person Christopher is and the world is going to be a better place with such a wise and humble young man like him writing in it.

Here are Rick, Todd and Wallis on the panel for The Krkuke Problem. We all had our heels dug in and the presentations and dialogue was very helpful at trying to get a handle on the Nautilus article by McCarthy this past spring.Great discussion!!! I have some video of Wallis summation I’ll post when I get back to Chicago.

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