Sunday, August 04, 2019


 AttendingPeter’s celebration of life was an honour for me. His family created such a beautiful set of still life to represent him and his passions. His daughter said I could share these pictures for people who were unable to attend. Above is a photo of Peter and his wife, he married his childhood sweetheart.  There is a close up of the books below. Cather in the Rye, Nietczche  On Morality, Bloof Meridian among them. You can click on the pics to see closer. A drawing of Cormac McCarhy is in the frame.

In the above photo are two special t shirts. One from from his sports team. The other shirt is a classic Grateful Dead bear motif in an Escher style building/staircase. His work friends brought his surveying equipment. 

He had taken up golf in the last few years. He played as a teen but had returned to take it up. His daughter began the celebration with many anecdotes and insights into his life. Then his brother spoke. They both made us feel joy with their stories. And they both portrayed his broad interests in life, beginning with a humble approach to his outstanding athletic abilities, to majoring in journalism in college, being a party animal, and reading one or two books a week his whole life, and his participation in an online forum about one of his favourite writers, Cormac McCarthy. Then a friend, Rick Wallach, got up and represented the outstanding contribution to Cormac McCarthy literary analysis by his participation on the McCarthy Siciety forum. Rick was able to frame Peters participation in such a way that friends and family could clearly understand. 

I thought this was such s good idea. 
Everyone wrote a love letter. 

I am sorry that I am in my phone and can’t fine tune this post because I accidentally published these photos twice. I’ll fix when I get home to my desktop.

This is one of the many human interest stories Peter wrote in the 1990s when he was the editor of a local publication.

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