Friday, November 08, 2019

Council Bluffs Sightseeing

 We drove out to spend time with Renee this weekend. We had a blast. We made a list of sights to see around Council Bluffs, and we also hung out with the dogs, cats...and family. We also went out for dinner. We just had such a lovely visit.The above photo is a woman pioneer rich person who had a vision of the fountain of youth then died. Someone hired the same sculptor that made the Lincoln Memorial to make this statue. It's called the Black Angel. We did not look her in the eye because we were told if you do something bad will happen. Here is a site about The Black Angel. Click hypertext.
 This is the spot where Lewis and Clark named the city Council Bluffs/ I have other pics of the WPA project designed site I'll add tomorrow.

 We took a tour of the Tabernacle of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Quite interesting. Listen to our podcast for more behind the scenes info. The Agency Podcast on apple and iTunes

 Stagg and I. It was a great day weather wise, cold but so pretty with fall leaves turning colors.

 Renee, Stagg and I inside the Tabernacle of the LDS in Janesville Iowa.

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