Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knoxville Videos

This video I am calling Travels With Wes. How do I explain these clips. Well, we are die hard fans I guess. The first 2 minutes of this video is Wes, Paulo, his wife and I crawling to the area under a bridge where a character named Harrogate lived in the novel Suttree. Then a little of Paulo talking about translating the novel. Then people I don't know, actors...perhaps bordering on stalking or b&e. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. I don't know who they are or why they are skulking down a driveway to look at a house that Cormac McCarthy's family once lived in and a setting for The Road. They must be nuts.

Here you can see Wes strumming a wee bit. We visit a bookstore in the old city. There was a massive hatch of cicadas in Knoxville. They are not in Lisbon, so our visitors from Portugal were fascinated. Well who isn't fascinated with cicadas!? They hide during prime number years, 11, 13, 17 to avoid predators. There were so many they had quite a different chorus than I am used to n Toronto or Chicago. Also in this series of clips we visit The Time Warp Tea Room and hear a local band called Music Therapy play. They are awesome.

I call the above video The Mountain. We check out the flora and fauna outside Knoxville in the mountains. In fact, we climb a 5000 foot mountain. I also was really into all the mushrooms in the area. The Smokies are gorgeous. There is a sculpture in the city aat the end of this video that surely must have been inspired by Suttree.

Having dinner with Rick, his son, and our tour guide, Wes, at King Tut's in Knoxville, I call this one, Weird America.


X. Dell said...

The gentleman in that last video looks like he's had to pull some dollar bills out of some tricky situations during his life.

The movies are nice, actually, especially the first one, when you went under the bridge.

BTW, I'm glad you didn't include pictures of the body farm in your previous post.

Anonymous said...

hey there, just popping in to let you know i have returned from my sabatical!
i'll come back and watch these when i get a free bit of time.