Saturday, August 01, 2009

Metal Machine Music-A Week of Noise #5

The Melvins

Metal Machine Music


Thee Mike Brown said...

lol metal machine music. "like sticking your head out in times sq etc. interesting sounds here lately."

Candy Minx said...

Exactly! Hey can't wait till you get here Mikedelic. internet and phone etc have been down...that hasn't happened in a long time...

“I’ve been the assistant librarian at the Santa Fe Institute for almost a decade. The iconoclastic novelist, Cormac McCarthy, has been my “office mate” across most of those years. I’m about to leave for browner pastures, and I’ll somewhat miss my anecdotal chats with Cormac about death and science and everything not-Literature, but he has given me perhaps a final one-liner. He (self-admittedly) doesn’t think there has been any serious music since Beethoven. When I played him a snippet of Zeitkratzer’s Metal Machine Music, he screwed up his face and said: “Good God! That sounds about like sticking your head in a hornet’s nest while standing in the middle of Times Square. Why would anybody choose to listen to that?”’

from here:

Thee Mike Brown said...

bummer man. i drove from truth or consequences nm to shamrock texas today. i am so sore from packing yesterday.

yeah i checked out ramick's page. he's an interesting dude. a pity he doesnt understand how cool browner pastures can be. i think i will use that as the title for my next album lol.