Monday, April 23, 2012


Okay...testing testing.

Is this a new paragraph? Have I found out the missing thing I was supposed to use to compose a post here?

How about this a new sentence and a space between paragraphs?


Candy Minx said...

Okay got it...had to choose a format for compose.

Gardenia said...

Egad! Yes there is a space between paragraphs - but appears you have been wiped out except for bare basics.

X. Dell said...

(1) I've been away for awhile, and haven't quite made my peace with new blogger. I guess I'll get used to it. But it leaves me with the question of why take something fully functional and simple, and make it less functional and complicated?

I guess that's what they call progress.

(2) The Herzog letter sounds too good to be true. If it is, I hope the housekeeper couldn't read English.

(3) Don't get me started on the concept of free will.

(4) Funny. I had this band earworm ("The Weight") in my head about a week before Helm's head. I was thinking about grad school, and all the music on the jukebox. Was thinking of Aretha Franklin's recording of it, but it kept morphing into the original version. said...

morning.. I havent visited anyone in along time so I had no idea you were having problems. But yes there are spaces..

Ken said...

Candy: I too got lost in the new-and-improved blogspot format! (Plus, I'm still a little lost in the new-and-improved Cormac McCarthy Society Forum website.) I'll sort things out, eventually....

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia, I moved my arty template two years ago and have never been able to figure out how to put it back.

X Dell, great to see you. Yes, this has been irritating to catch up to new blogger but now I think I'm used to it.

I think the Herzog letter is a spoof...and I thought it was very funny. And I could work for the guy ha ha. I will not get you started on free will...but still...I would love to hear what you have to say about it.And interesting about the song "The Weight" its a beauty isn't it?

Ken, great to see you here, online and at the McCarthy forum. I've missed you!