Thursday, April 26, 2012

While Husband Sleeps

 Just making some stuff hopefully to sell in the coming weeks. We don't know if we're going to rent a space for a month or have a quick cocktail party at Grandmas or garage sale...but I am getting ready while Stagg is sleeping during the day after his third shift.

Here is soemthing funny. After six years of blogging at this site...the changes Blogger has made for publishing is the photos that you upload now publish in the order you upload them. For six years the way blogs work is what you upload goes in a chronological order "backwards". If you wanted your pics in the actual order of time experiencing them...say...making a painting...I would have to arrange to upload them in the proper order. The pic at the bottom here was from two days ago which I wanted to post first...but now the blooger function has changed so its last because I uploaded it last in order to appear "first". ha ha...well thats I'll just post them without worrying about it and in the order I took the picture.

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