Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mountain Town

 We got to Banff pretty early in the day  so we were able to walk around, go for a swim and have some cocktails. I love Banff. I've been going to Banff pretty much forever. I used to go with my grandparents all the time as a kid. And then as a teen my friends and I would go there to party, see bands, hike, camp...or just have a bite to eat for a couple of hours.

 Here is the view from the steakhouse patio on the main strip. About ten minutes later the weather changed radically.

 Right after I took this pic we had to run all our food and drinks inside as it just pissed out. What a terrific night. (Actually....we enjoyed ourselves so much we landed up going to the same patio the next night...the staff bought us dessert because of the rain the night before and we had to move. See Banff is great!)

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Martin said...

Candy in Banff ...

Here's a bit of nostaligia for you,