Friday, November 22, 2013

Deli Lunch

We met for lunch at capo sky's Deli in Toronto.... Where we had bacon smoked maple donuts, blondes, huge sandwiches cabbage borscht. Yum!!!! This is Rick and John friends of mine from online book club and The Cormac McCarthy a Society.


Greg S. said...

Let me guess: you were there to set up a support committee for Rob Ford. No? Oh well, I was just dreaming of a good deli and trying to find a knish here in Frankfurt. No luck. Looking good guys.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic, Candy! Great to hang out yesterday; sorry I couldn't meet Stagg. Maybe I can swing a visit to Chicago in the summer after I finish teaching. Thanks so much for your paintings too! Both of them are up on the wall already. I hope you go see the show tonight. It was fantastic! Hope it's not totally blizzarding there like it is here. If so, take care driving home tomorrow! I hear things will clear later in the day. Hope to talk soon. Cheers, John