Wednesday, February 05, 2014

12 Years

You know that urban myth about the guy who goes home with a woman he meets in a bar… He wakes up in a hotel the next morning in a tub filled with ice with an I’ve in his arm and a note and a cell phone? The note says “dial 911…your kidneys have been removed”

I thought 12 YEARS A SLAVE was an incredible story. I was gripped from the very beginning. I can’t say I liked everything about it as a movie… There were some things that bothered me with the flashbacks…. But it didn’t really matter… The content and the story and characters just were what were important to me. I was very caught up and terribly stressed out. I had to turn the DVD to pause a few times and move around. 

But the story made up for this at least in my opinion.

I had no idea there was a kidnapping subtext to life for African Americans… I was sickened. I can’t believe anyone would have gone with strangers in the scenario of this movie….I would have thought everyone would be afraid. It certainly made me afraid and reminded me of that urban myth. I thought all the actors were outstanding. Such a good story and I’m more in love with brad Pitt than ever…lol