Monday, February 24, 2014

A Castle

$40 to visit Downton Abbey. So glad to see the short documentary of the real location "Highclere Castle" after the finale. Great metaphor for England's economy that relies on tourism. How clever of Julian Fellowes to write about his friends Estate providing them both with livelihood. Where farming subsidized the rich families after WW1, now art is maintaining the grounds. In my first year class of art at university of Victoria , our prof, sculptor Maury Baden, taught us about Calimity Brown. He suggested landscaping was an art form. How exciting to see Downton Abbey grounds were designed by Brown!

About this season; loved Daisy storyline, could not believe there was a Mosely narrative. Daisy is"chuffed till next summer". Yay!  Glad Mrs Bates is getting better. Clothes were great except for Roses coming out dress. What was with those puffy fabric hips? Mary's two suitors reveal was pretty good. Single women should date at least two men at a time it keeps them all on their toes. Loved to watch the battle of wits between United States and England with Giamatti!! Got verklempt that all the staff wanted for their day off was to go to the beach. Carson and Hughes were delightful. 

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