Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Front Stoop Garden

 We enjoyed an accidental tomato crop last year so we thought we'd try to grow some things again this year. Last year I thought I had got a basil plant...but then it started looking more and more like a tomato plant...which it was and we had a dozen tomatoes from it. So I picked up a bunch more pots and plants. I amy have made a grave error because I bought some chili plants. They have names like "ghost chili" and "scorpion chili". Dangerous names usually mean spicy. Apparently the fellow who started these peppers in a local greenhouse had to wear gloves to handle the seeds. Uh oh.

 There is Stagg near the bbq.
 We also thought we would experiment with a "topsy turvy" tomato's hanging on our wrought iron fence.

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you can keep the peppers.. lol.. miss you.