Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 Well...blogging has not taken up very much of my attention this past year. I really miss blogging. However life (and Facebook) gets in the way. I will try to experiment the next couple of weeks and see if I can find things to blog about...and also connect blog to Facebook. Our desktop broke down in December. So that also restricted my computer time. We have a new desktop now. I spent the winter exploring the city, working and taking a lot of classes at Old Town School of Folk Music. One of the things I did in the city was make a trip out to the famous Old Fashioned Donuts. Well worth the drive! I went with friend at work, Tina.

 Here is Stagg at some point watching one of the Olympic hockey games this winter at a pub.

 Here is Tina, Stagg, a friend of Carlos, me and Carlo watching Olympic Hockey.
Here are my tap shoes. I love tap classes. My teacher is amazing.

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Unknown said...

Oh my! Nothing like being dislodged from such a crucial setup for a daily routine. Everyone is doing all their business on computers now, that it would be really hard to live in a day without one. Well, at least you've managed to secure yourself a new desktop. Good going!

Gene Sullivan @ eTech