Thursday, June 12, 2014

City Hall And A Church

 These first two pictures are actually the Thompson Building across the street from City Hall. To get downtown I take the Pink Line...and get out in this building. To pay for my car towed...which I mentioned in an earlier post...I had to go to City hall. It's a lovely building so I figured why not try to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the truer of getting this car situation dealt with in a pleasant as possible manner. HA!

 Here are some shots of City Hall. I always hope I'll run into our Mayor Emanual. I love him!

 Here is a lovely sculpture by Dubuffet. I was once absolutely mad about this artists work. When I was taking painting at York University I would obsess over Frances Bacon, J.W. Turner, Jean Dubuffet, Kenny Sharf, Keith Harring, Andy Warhol...(of course many others). But Dubuffet I was fascinated with n a special way.
 I have posted about this church here at my blog before. I attended a memorial for indigent peoples a few years ago. You can see that blog post here
 A lovely story about a sculptor and this cross is inside the church. I Think it's a beautiful tribute and story.

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