Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cars, Painting, And Hoods

 Spring was very hectic. I spent a lot of time, trying to make sure I got projects done and no procrastinating. I plan on writing about my experiment with procrastination one of these days.
 April was crazy. I had a painting job, five classes and bar tending. It was also an astrological event called "mars in retrograde'.
 I have been joking that Mars in Retrograde is why my car had so many issues. I had to get repairs...and one day after guitar class I locked my keys in my trunk. Friend from work who shall remain un-named Tina tried to help me open my car door. We hoped to switch the trunk open. Nope. Then we got another co-worker to help...they got door/window open...setting off alarm. I had to undo the battery to shut it off. Eventually got my mechanic to fix the whole thing. The night before...I tried putting my roof down. In order to crawl into trunk. That was also a joke. I had to wrap the car in plastic overnight. My car was towed during April too. No one should have to go to the Chicago car pound. What a cast of characters there!

 I did have a lovely job of painting a woman's apartment. Three rooms...and one set of walls with stripes.

And there is my poor car wrapped in plastic for the roof...because I couldn't open it or close it.

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