Friday, April 03, 2015

Wedding At Buddhist Temple Of Chicago

 Our friends got married. I met Ann at Old Town School of Folk Music. She is a long time volunteer for events. She used to help us in the bar but usually is an usher for concerts. Ann is the person who introduced us to the Buddhist Temple of Chicago in Uptown neighborhood. In a really great set of events Ann met another volunteer at Old Town...and the rest is history! Such a "meet cute".
 Oh look! There is Reverend Patti reaching to light candles!
 Ann wore two dresses, one for the wedding ceremony. And a traditional Korean dress for the reception.
 We had a huge Korean supper! The food was incredible.
 Gary (Rev. Patti's husband) and Stagg.

 Look closely...some of the flowers on the cake have musical details. Ties in to the Old Town School and Ann and John's mutual love of music. Actually they went to New Orleans for their Honeymoon! I liked the Buddha shaped beer bottle from the reception restaurant.


Ann said...

It was a Chinese dinner, actually. I'm Korean, the temple is Japanese, and the restaurant is Chinese, so I can see why you got confused!

Great pics!

- Ann

Candy Minx said...

Oh god...thanks Ann....The food was incredible. It makes more sense that it was Chinese food because now that I think about was a Chinese restaurant!

Hey...actually there are some really good Korean restaurants in I love is set into a huge booth type tables with fire pit in the middle.

curtis03 Lewis said...

How beautiful and colourful cake. Lovely presentation. How cute Korean dress. Well I never saw such cake with musical details. Hey can you help me in selection of best wedding location venue for my reception?