Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Real Dame, R.I.P.

Liberace's mum. My god, to see Debbie Reynolds play the role of Liberace's mum was really a spectacular casting and performance. She was perfect. A lot of people always wonder if there will be "artificial intelligence"...a life form that thinks and exists on it own. In some ways I have these sensations when it comes to stories, movies and characters that there is this alternate world where we live in our dream states. Just the relationship and story of two Goddesses, mother and daughter, entering our collective consciousness is a kind of persona existing on it's own. I've been reading a very difficult set of writings from and referencing antiquity. I can hardly read them as they seem to be talking about something else, some other kind of human. But every now and then....the descriptions form into a metaphor that is applicable and travels universally from the past to today. I feel like the movie "Singing In The Rain" has a connection to all the kinds of stories from the past as a bridge. In a film class I attended way back at York University, we were presented the movie because it had such a great subtext of silent films transforming into talkie films. The movie itself explores archaic structures changing into contemporary narratives and how stories and characters become immortal...without ever being set in the actual time frame it was produced in. I feel such a profound connection to the career of Carrie Fisher, and her mother, who seems to represent the old Hollywood storytelling, and being reborn through her daughters storytelling. The other role I loved of Reynolds was the mother on "Will and Grace". However, I can not even begin to describe the influence of "Singing In The Rain" on me or how many times I have seen it since that film course so long ago. I've been nothing less than obsessed with it at times and it is on my Ultimate Top Five Movie List. There is a reason we call movie stars movie stars. They are our guides for helping us to navigate through life. I feel like Debbie Reynold's motif was to not be a sore loser, to pick up and get going at the work of life and art and make people laugh while doing it. I don't think she would have wanted to leave us with such a sad script tonight, but I bet she is writing some good one-liners in heaven about the whole thing. In fantasy and in reality Reynolds created a persona that we can actually imagine existing invisible and eternal. 

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