Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wise Woman, R.I.P.

(written on Tuesday, Dec. 27)

Debbie Reynolds might be one of the greatest storytellers ever. You know she must have said we will keep her for Christmas. Let people have their time and prepare for the loss. You know then they waited. Maybe for a miracle.Maybe they wanted to wait for the media to slow down on George Michael. I don't know. But that classic storytelling and 'show time' we saw in "Postcards From The Edge" (ending hospital scene) just makes me think, Reynolds wanted to honour this passage.With Reynolds as a mother, it's no wonder her daughter was such a great storyteller. I love the movie SHAMPOO. It was some kind of critical failure but I thought it was an incredibly profound story part funny and part able to portray the bankrupt culture that dominates the world. Carrie Fishers character in "Shampoo" kind of was a foreshadow of Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian...the sophisticated poor-little-rich-kid who the public doesn't think should be famous. Somehow Fisher's whole career seemed to be meta and self-referential as a motif of our times and mixed up tragedy in celebrity culture.. Two of my favourite recent performances of hers were her wicked cameo in "Maps To The Stars" and as a judge on the reality show "On The Lot." Goddamn she was so bloody funny about life and most especially funny about work and love.

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