Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Search Words That Brought Folks Here Since January 1st.

art couture
come meowt little kitten
her secret padded bra
gun crack
anti-inflamatory food choices
infinite canadian underground hip hop blogspot
elusive form game
cormac mccarthy discussions sunset limited
thirteen supermodel
which victorias secret models have had breast implants
happy new year palm tree photos
american portions huge
gnosticism michigan
poems with candy used for words
candy's stalker (aprox 100x's something to do with Howard Stern program caller)
roseanne feminism
photo gallery candy inspired haute couture
sociopath stalkers
blood meridian movie
gary wallace meeting mccarthy
elvis the ghetto
history masturbation
does niacin remove the effects lsd
haida turtle
gnostic soul immortal
preview for living landscapes the worlds most beautiful places
corn population grasshoppper eating the corn
history masturbation
other words for brought


tweetey30 said...

What a list. I have sitemeter but it seems no body visits mine or its not working. A friend of mine is suppose to have her husband take a look at it and see why its not working but she hasnt yet..

Malcolm said...

Her secret padded bra?! does niacin remove the effects lsd?!

The search words that Internet surfers use always amaze me. I have weeks of keywords that people used to get to my blog. I'll probably get around to posting some of them over the next week and start doing it on a regular basis. You would be surprised at the number of people who are searching for nude photos of 60s and 70s era celebs like Joey Heatherton and Lola Falana.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Tweetey, sounds like your site meter is jimmied, hope your friend can help you's such a fun activity looking at the search words!

Malcolm, oh yeah, start feeding us those search words. It is hilarious the search words people use...the funny thing is of course, is that I usually have written something about their searches. I've got a long post here on niacin and lsd (it does relieve effects of lsd) I wrote about bra shopping at victoria secret. (victoria's secret was originally that the store made padded bras...thats changed now but that was it's original secret)


sociopath stalkers??????

bloody hell. I'm a lot of things but surely not!!!!

How about pole dancers? ;-)

Candy Minx said...

Well, I did write here on my blog about my stalker...I guess that's why my blog came up as a link four Dinners. Look up, way up...there is your pole dancing post!