Friday, January 25, 2008


The Rules

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Seven Random Things about Me:

1) I wear size nine shoes.
2) You see the photo of the bird in this is taken by Rauf...a blog pal in India. I would like to go visit him. I hope YOU go to visit his blog and see his amazing pictures of animals, birds and people in India. I have had trouble getting his blog to download and I can not find his comments. I have been going to his blog for two years and I hope he finds this note.
3) I think I've done this tag before...but am trying to say 7 new random things about me. I felt a lot of anxiety about posting this tag and who would I tag...last time I did this tag I admitted to liking being tagged...but it's taken me three days to post this tag...
4) I love this blog called Manchester Marks. It is street art and always inspiring...all the stuff out there showing in public and some terrific talent! The person hasn't posted for a long time any new photos or anything. I always wonder...whatever happened to bloggers who stop job? New relationship? Are they ill? Are they okay?
5) I sleep naked. Doesn't matter how cold it is...
6) I used to keep scrapbooks. Not like the scrapbooking trend of the last few years. Rougher and messier. Photos of bands I loved, ticket stubs, postcards, inspiring quotes. I stopped eventually but I find blogging to fulfill that same feeling.
7) I have a thing about The Wizard of Oz. I don't really "act on it" though...I don't collect pictures of it or action figures...although I've thought about such...I just have it under the surface. i do of course, own the dvd. Oprah had the ruby slippers on her show the other day and I almost had a seizure. There is a wonderful series by the BFI of writers and their favourite movies...The Wizard of Oz, Rushdie contends, "is a film whose driving force is the inadequacy of adults, even of good adults, and how the weakness of grown-ups forces children to take control of their own destinies, and so, ironically, grow up themselves." Uncle Henry and Auntie Em can't protect Dorothy from Miss Gulch; the Wizard can't really bring her home; and in the end, it is Dorothy who rescues the Scarecrow and the others and destroys the Wicked Witch of the West. Finally, Dorothy is told that she has always had the power to go home -- to go anywhere -- but she had to learn to act for herself. She expresses her newfound independence by declaring that she wants to go home and never leave again.

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me said...

there was a time when i used to think "why does nobody ever tag me?" and now, i'm so glad they don't......
bit like all the stuff on facebook that everyone expects you to join in with, i just can't be arsed!
not that i think theres anything wrong with it all you understand, just i don't have the time. mainly because it gets me thinking, then sidetracked, then i totally forget why it was i sat in front of the PC 5 hours previously, and why it is i only have 4 hours to sleep before i need to get up and go to work!
just like today!
damn you all!!!!!
(zombie by the cranberries just been on. not heard that in ages! there are some benefits!)


don't do tags.

oh all it's you x

mister anchovy said...

do they have Wizard of Oz action figures? The only action figures I liked as a kid were Gumby and Pokey, cause they could go into any book. I didn't like the blockheads though.

Malcolm said...

Although I normally don't do the "tag" thing, this is one I can handle.

Candy Minx said...

Hey's ok if you don't like doing tags...

Um yes Mister Anchovy there were some beautiful foot tall dolls made for Wizard of Oz as well as all kinds of statues and stuff made.

Gardenia said...

Oh, Candy, I'm so behind!

Wizard of Oz - the theme of children taking care of problems - I'm exposed to lots of kids' movies - the theme has been running around for a while through these movies and sitcoms. Maybe we all did that (taking care of ourselves and big problems as best we could.) Then sometimes kids take care of the parents too.