Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10th Cover of Vanity Fair

I gots to run out and get this one...she's on the cover of ELLE seems like I can upload pics again...


Gardenia said...

She was brave and brilliant to be so openly sexual when she began - she still carries mucho heat - in an era where many of us were so afraid of our sexuality.

Well, I guess when I go get my hair cut, I'll see if I can find an issue somewhere -

Captain Karen said...

I picked this up the other day because of how hot Ms. M looked on the cover and was happy to see it was a "green" issue. Despite the 100+ pages of ads at the beginning it was nice to see such a high profile mag dedicate almost an entire issue to environmental articles.

PS: I linked to you on a recent post over at The Green Pirate and my gardening blog!