Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mercury, Maple Leaf, Confections and a Few K

This is my favourite coffee shop in Toronto and I've posted pics of it here before...Mercury Coffee...I was being very proud showing it to Anita and Behzad...I got to give them a bit of a tour today in really stunning spring weather. A lot of people in Toronto hat the east end. I've lived all over the place in Toronto and the east end has some wonderful features interestng thing is that there are often generations of families who have lived in this side of town. The west end is completely gentrified and major white wcarreer upper middle class, except for a couple blocks here and there. On the east end, you might still be able to afford a people who have lived in town for two hundred years and there is a real working class flavour. The east end tends to be afraid of downtown and west end...more expensive and more educated "snobby" side of town. Me I like all of the city!

The Maple Tree in this picture is a somewhat famous landmark...

Usually Anita has an idea for a walk...but today I realized I could show her and Behzad a little known thing in the east end. This is the house that inspired the poem and anthem "The Maple Leaf Forever". The tree on this property is the acutual tree that inspired the anthem.

We walked from the Beaches up to Main Street and Gerrard because Behzad had gone to school at Kimberly Public school for grade three...but had never gone back to visit his old neighbourhood.

We loved this old store front. I've looked a this sign for a couple decades...always interested me.

We walked past Glenn Gould's family home. Always lots to see around Toronto.

We stopped for a pint at a cute Irish pub on Gerrard then decided to show Behzad Little India, another area he had never visited. I was scoring big on this walk! I had in mind to go to Lahore Tikka because the last time I was there to eat was 3 years ago and they were renovating. I was curious to see how the place "turned out" because a bunch of us had eaten outside on make shift patio during the renovations. Imagine my surprise to enter the building and find we sat in three huge trailers decorated with massive amounts of beautiful fabirc. I was amazed to see the building permits allowed this and it was so inventive.

Lahore Tikka has the best Butter Chicken in Tornto. They have also built a huge building right where the picnic tables used to be and it seats 900!


L.M. said...

I love little India too, especially the glorious Sari stores.

(and could you tell Anita and Behzad to stop being so damn gorgeous)

Candy Minx said...

L.M, howdy...I will call you but I can't find your phone, that is Anita and Behzad in their hiking clothes...

tweetey30 said...

Candy you look like you had some beautiful weather to go hiking in. I wish I were there to go with you. If you come this way we will have to take you on some of our favorite hikng spots..

Gardenia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - my sights perked up when I saw the coffee shop pictures and at the mention of Lahore Tika - Toronto sounds like a wonderfully interesting place.