Thursday, April 10, 2008

Countdown to Friday's 1,000 !

About a month ago a friend and I were talking and she needed a new car. She secretly wanted a sports car but was embarrassed because she asked "why do I want it? To re-live my 20's?"

I said...that a sports car was the more "spiritual" choice. 1, because it uses less gas. 2, because why did you ever "leave" your 20's? A sports car is closer to the sky and exposed to nature a bit more, fun and energetic...and SUVs are wasteful. The real big question if one wants to analyse why one would be torn between and large car and a smaller economy THE driving even necessary? (ever notice how people with cars have a million excuses why THEY need/deserve to drive for most of their activities and chores?) pal chose the sports car and we bombed around the other afternoon enjoying one of the first fabulous days of spring in the city.

Tomorrow will be my 1,000th post here in gnosticland...I can't believe I've written this much in two years but it's been a lot of fun and a great way to keep track of favourite videos and pals around the world.

And also...Stagg has some new drawings up at his blog...

Don't bushel of corn needs a half gallon of oil to grow...


Gardenia said...

My daughter had a yellow mustang convertible for a while - I thought sports cars were kind of silly until I rode in that babe. She was smooth as silk, and as you said, close to the sky. And quite an attention getter. Good gosh - I think people may have to leave suburbia sooner than we think due to gas prices - forget green house emissions - there is no public transport in most of the U.S. - is there housing in the City for us?

Still wading through Tole's book. :)

Good to hear from you the other day - - - the furniture store was a huge disappointment - - - terrible prices, nothing very cool

Candy Minx said...

Hi Gardenia, I think the thing is...that cars are so incredibly a part of how we live...that it will be a case of the tech changing in order for us to be able to afford to keep driving. Like in those futuristic movies like Bladerunner or Minority Report we'll have similar vehicles to cars but they use some other kind of fuel. Our economy and lifestyle is centered around people using vehicles of some kind. It seems that won't stop or energy to power our mobility will have to change?