Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fox Says He Skates Better Than He Walks

It's almost as if Michael J. Fox doesn't have Parkinson's when he skates. This video is pretty incredible. Fox says One of the first things he learned when he developed Parkinsons' was "vanity needs to go". This video of Michael J.Fox skating is a must see-click here

"If the subject is optimism, what am I doing here?" asks Fox standing outside Wrigleyfeild.

Tonight Fox has a tv documentary on optimism. It looks pretty cool. One clip I saw was him visiting Nepal/Bhutan...and his symptoms it the altitude? Is it the positive optimism of the population? Is it coincidence?


mister anchovy said...

couldn't view the Fox video...I think the O corporation blocks it from Canadian eyes.

Candy Minx said...

Oh sorry. It's really wonderful and I can't seem to find it on YouTube either. Basically he's in Central Park and he has a lot of difficulty walking and tying up his skates...but once he's on the ice, it's gorgeous. I cry each time I watch it.

Gardenia said...

I saw Michael J. Fox on a talk show - he was amazing and courageous.