Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Open Mic Night

We went for dinner at our friend Jeni's place, The Urban Cafe last night. Inside the cafe are these really cool paintings by local artist Christina Cornier. I only had my cell phone with me so hopefully the colours are clear enough.

My friend Jeni Urban who is not only an awesome drummer she makes a mean sandwich and burger here at her restaurant, The Urban Cafe. The Urban Cafe has open mic night the last Tuesday of every month.

Poet Tiara blew us all away with erotic lesbian writing and poem! (looking for online web site but haven't found one...yet)

Jami Bantry sang a beautiful original song about a lost loved one. Bantry is part of the Folk Music Meet Up in Chicago.

Scott Free is a fantastic singer, I loved the sound of his voice. Jeni Urban plays with him. Here you can listen to some of their music online at MySpace. And check out the video! That is Scott Free and Jeni is playing drums! I love this one!


Gardenia said...

Ahhhh - reasons to live in the City, galore. The cafe sounds like such a cool place. If you find the website, let me know - I like the art esp., the two women peering in the mirror

Andy said...

That video at the pride parade is really cool!

Deviant Dyke said...
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Deviant Dyke said...

Thanks for the shout out!! My writings can be found at

See you there!