Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Hats In 1 Frame

Working in the studio today Stagg and I landed up playing this movie in the background. We are collaborating on some tiny paintings for busking...but this movie started to hook me in with it's beautiful lush Mexican Douglas Sirk atmosphere. Yes, I googled "mexican douglas sirk" but was unable to find out the title of this movie or the director. We missed the opening credits and the WGN channel for Latin programming didn't include the end credits except for saying the Mexican movie was made with the help of the union (trabajadore). All that was listed on our channel guide was "to be announced". What a beautiful looking movie with a very 60's type of plot of a young teen girl trying to get her parents to not divorce.

I love this. In the background is a fellow walking a donkey with a sombrero on, and although I kept messing up...below you can see the woman is also wearing a sombrero. I loved all five hats in the frame.