Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lazybones Tricks...

I always find a lazy way to do certain things. when it comes to cleaning I will go all out and do major good work. I'm not afraid of hard work or anything...but I do have some things I do that are typical primate behaviour of finding ways to make everyday duties as easy and quick or simple as possible. I lve good kitchen design and I'm very good at organizing and designing kitchens...I've helped several friends with renovations and making their kitchens as functional as possible with good traffic flow. I've worked in a lot of professional kitchens that were horribly designed and many that are brilliantly designed. (as a matter of fact...i wish i could overhaul the cafe where I work a few hours a week...the fridge for the milk is a good 7 feet away from the cappucino outrage! It should be right below)

When you rent you often have to put up with apartments and especially kitchens that were installed by people who don't work in kitchens and don't live in said kitchen. So they put things in the only place with the least imagination given or consideration to traffic flow or function. I like many things about our galley kitchen, it's not bad...but the fridge has a left opening door. It should be a right opening door because of it's position. So...I picked up a few trciks to work around this incovenience...and the photo above demonstrates one of my idiosyncratic behaviours...I rest my tea cup on the ledge of the door...and pour my milk in...thereby saving the time of taking the milk all the way out of the fridge to a counter.

Do you have any such weird shortcuts you do around the house...?


Gardenia said...

You are a really good organizer! I wish I could hire you for a month, LOL!
Well....I put my trash from kitchen in a bag hanging from door knob because large can gets to heavy to cart out.
........I organize coupons in baseball card holders into a notebook
........I sleep with stuff - current books I'm reading, bills I'm paying, journaling I'm doing, take my paintings to bedroom to gaze on to determine what next...pencils in bed, computer in bed...and so on.
.........Bathroom - I keep a box on back of toilet tank with bathroom cleaners
.........slowly buying the right tools for the right food preparation, sure makes things easier
..........TRY to prep all foods immediately before putting away after grocery shopping so they will be read for use.

I think the only strange thing out of these is sleeping with stuff! :)

S.M. Elliott said...

That's a pretty good idea, but my mom would freak if she found out I was leaving a fridge door open long enough to pour the milk. ;D

I'm lazy when it comes to cooking: fake Hollandaise, as few pans as possible, etc.

Greg S. said...

Are you left-handed or have you adapted to pouring with your left hand?

mister anchovy said...

Everything in our kitchen revolves around the cutting board on the counter next to the stove...the action centre.

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia, those are all great time-saving tricks!

S.M isn't that the best part of not living with parents...they can't tell you what to do anymore! Besiedes, it takes less time to pour the milk than open and close the fridge door twice.


Mister Anchovy, makes a lot of sense!

Greg S, yes I have adapted the use of my almost useless left hand to pour the milk. Anything to make it easier...