Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nicole Rules

When the burlesque group Pussycat Dolls cast a singer named Nicole in their band...I thought wow, they really did a great thing. they made their dance group into a major performing group. all good. I thought the new woman was really gorgeous and hey...they were able to make a hit song. My friend Patrick was nuts about the new singer and we once sat and kind of armchair analyzed the marketing and concept of changing them from a somewhat small L.A. tourist attraction into recording artists. Where did they find this woman? It's one thing that Nicole is stupid hot but she is so incredibly talented it's ill. I have been really blown away by the talent and hard work of Nicole since she had been cast on Dancing With The Stars. She has turned out to be like a woman from another compelling as Ann Miller and Ginger rogers often doing dance routines reminiscent of those great film musical stars. This week her professional dance partner Derek choregraphed some really amazing dances. One, is the foxtrot...which is usually boring. they made it delightful. the other was pure genius...taking Paso Doble to a 1950's flavour. If you have the time, check these dances's hard to believe it's the same woman as highlighted in the above pop music video. Nicole, you rock! And the band on this show plays live every week interpreting music and they are the best band on tv!

I promise the two videos below will make you smile and make you want to dance! Or rent Gene Kelly movies...


Underground Baker said...

Just catching up. Whew - I wish I had watched the dancing videos last. What with Candy's got a gun, then MIA. Not to mention a post on the ever mysterious mr. anchovy...what a ride.


Greg S. said...

What a woman.