Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay...I wouldn't normally put pictures of a sliver on here, or anywhere...but I got a killer splinter in my finger a couple days ago when I was doing all that mad housework. The splinter goes across the entire top of the finger at least half an inch long and almost out the other side and 1/4 of an inch deep under the tip of the finger. It was so bad I was crying on Thursday several times. I really don't cry at pain, I have a huge threshold for physical pain. But ouch! And guess what? Stagg can't take out slivers. He's never done it, now I don't know how you live your whole life and not take out slivers but...well he didn't.'s on my right hand finger, in an awkward angle and if I can't get it out with my left hand and a magnifying glass then I have to go to the hospital. I can't go to the hospital for a bloody sliver, right? So my daughter , on the phone, was gonna talk Stagg though the way to take out a sliver and we posted a couple photos for her on Facebook. Yeah just like if we lived in Antarctica. Long distance surgery. Lost my tweezers so we didn't get to drug store till yesterday for tweezers and I loaded up on as many painkillers as I could take. With vodka. We stopped for a delicious burger and vodka on the way home from the drug store.

Anyways, My daughter was checking out the photos and giving advice. Stagg landed up doing all the pushing. He's a little squeamish and I was so high I just dug a hole. Nothing. After over an hour I was beat and wanted to leave it for another day. My daughter said, get Stagg to go inside the wound and grab the splinter with tweezers. i suppose the idea of him doing that gave me one more attempt. Out it came! When Stagg saw the size of it he almost passed out. ( I gotta get this guy First Aid lessons Har!)

Trust me, that splinter looks really unassuming in this was wide and just over half an inch long. God it felt good when it came out!

Elephant Stone, from Montreal, was the opening band for Brianjonestown Massacre and they were really good.

Wow! Brianjonestown Massacre was awesome! The whole evening was one of the best times I've had going out to see a show. The bands sound was so clean and so deep and wonderful. Plus, I'm sure all the painkillers I took earlier had me in the perfect chillax space. And not only that right between bands we ran into someone we know! Our bartender from Trader vics!!!!! We had met him the first time we went to Trader Vics on an afternoon when I was job hunting in the viagra Triangle...and we had hit it off talking about music and record collections. He's the kind of guy that when we went back on a busy Friday night he remembered us. usually customers remember their servers buts its unusual and real nice when a server remembers a customer. So we landed up hanging out with him and his girlfriend for the rest of the evening. We had some shots and a couple cocktails and the band was all about the music. Totally focused on the music. Incredible night! Oh to top it off, I had made a roast beef dinner which we ate at 1 in the morning when we got home. (hmmm..I was really craving red meat all weekend, a burger and roast beef in one day. we go weeks without eating meat some times) Ahhhhhh!


Beej said...

Umg, I wouldve yanked that sucker out for you!! Mighty Mommy that I am, I can remove a sliver faster thank you can say, "Ouch!"

mister anchovy said...

I'm pretty good at slivers too...that was a beauty!

Gardenia said...

Candy, my gosh, I think you really probably needed a doctor - that is a deep splinter hole! However, lately I can relate to chemical relief and the bravado to try anything. In fact, you are using all the catch words for Seniors here - was that something about viagra? Just teasing. Minor surgery should be, without a doubt, part of the curiculum at Bar Mizvahs and other rites of passage for men. Definitely! I mean how on earth do they go to WAR for pete's sake? Mister Anchovy - classes, please! I will send Mr. "H" up - or at a central training location! All kidding aside, we were in angst with you on this!

tweetey30 said...

ouch woman.. that must have hurt like the dickens.. i havent had a splinter in a long time but the girls have.. so ouch.. glad you got it out in a timely manner. i have a new post up about out weekend... well sunday at least..LOL..

Janet said...

That was a helluva splinter! OUCH! Hope your finger is feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

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