Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Two Movies

I really really hope that you will consider seeing the movie Jo Jo Baby.Stagg was supposed to meet up with Jo Jo a local artist with a well recognized apartment in Wicker Park...two days after our fire, but he couldn't get to his appointment. What we landed up doing was going to see the premiere of the Clive Barker produced documentary about Jo Jo this past weekend. It's so very wonderful...and I'd like to leave itr at that for now...just please watch for it and try to see it if you can...an incredible window into the life of an artist...10/10. I always loved Clive Barker...but he is a trooper for thinking of making this movie. We saw the film makers at the premiere the other day...and side note of excitement to me one of the directors used to work on Survivor...awesome!

We went to see Due Date yesterday and we just had so many laughing fits...aty one point Stagg and I had tears dripping down our faces...and there are tons of great one lines we've been saying to each other. "So don't take me to a waffle house!" One thing I really liked about the movie was that it starts out as kind of dark portrayal by Robert Downey Jr's "straight guy" role against Zack Galiniflincos' comic study. These two guys are really in deep to their characters and this makes the relationship really build up with slight bits of humour at first until about halfway through when the sickly ludicrous action just broke down my resistance and I was lost in laughter. I really really wish Zack would get an Oscar nomination for this part...it's unlikely but he really had some amazing moments...serious and really damn funny. I totally loved this buddy flick. 10/10. Yes, it has similar flavour to "Planes Trains and Automobiles" in laughs, plot and heart...all good reasons to see this one.

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