Sunday, November 28, 2010


Whew...this is officially the longest time I've gone without making a blog post since I began blogging five years ago. And you know what I really miss blogging! We are still in limbo but in response to the wonderful comments I read below in previous post...we do try to focus that we have each other. Staying at the suburbs without a phone and internet is taking its toll some days. Which is weird but you know how sometimes people say "the world is changing" well it isn't changing it changed so long really is almost impossible to get anything done without internet...including apartment hunting, job hunting, staying in touch with people, researching for decision making etc etc. I mean grandma's house didn't even have a phone book...but what the heck...who actually uses phone books anymore? Don't most of us go to a computer if we need anything or want to know something?

We have had a very busy time since I last posted here. We had friends from toronto in town last weekend. I took tons of pics which whenever I can I will was so awesome to have company in town and they took us out for an outstanding supper last friday night. And on Saturday night we went to Kingston Mines and the Billy Goat Tavern. The Billy Goat Tavern is my favourite bar in Chicago. Our friends Adam and Ali really loved Chicago...especially the iron works and structure of the city. Adam really freaked out about how cool Chicago looks with the Lower Wacker Drive. (seen in Batman motorcycle chase)

This past holiday weekend we went to Thanksgiving at Jason and Mike's. I also have pics of that but I forgot my adapter to download pics on this public computer so I will post a bunch of photos in a few days. Jason made the most incredible feast of stuffed turkey breast, a sugar topped like apple betty but on a sweet was NUTS it was so good and lots of other foods. And we landed up sleeping over at their place because it was too hard to travel on CTA to suburbs and it was just a wonderful visit and evening. So thankful for friends and family.

This weekend we are working on a 2011 vision board and a 100 days vision board. Our last vision board was of course lost...but one thing we have remembered to be grateful for is that over half the stuff we had put on that board two years ago all manifested! Including the Blackhawks getting the Stanley Cup ha ha! We really are fighting the feeling of being in limbo and we might also see if we can track down a shared living situation temporary with a room in a house say, with phone and internet...for a week or two. We are waiting for a couple places to call us back tonight or this afternoon. My friend Zandra got me super inspired to do a vision board...and she gave me the idea of making one for 100 days (which makes a lot of sense in our present situation) and one for the coming year. In the past our vision board was kind of just wide opne...I really like the idea of getting it focused on coming year.

I don't know what else to say at this point and I don't want to spend too much time on a rented computer. I promise I will catch up with e-mails in the next few days...say, when I'm at a library or more relaxed less time pressured situation online. In the meantime, just checking in...

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