Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Around Town

I don't know if this picture really captures just how flipping beautiful it can be here in Vancouver. We are walking down Yew Street to Kitsalano Beach and to stop at the pubs along the way. I love the blossoms and the sky...and the mountains are visible too as we walked.

I've just always liked this sign where one comapny put their sign right on top of another sign. This is a sort of landmark near Kitsalano.

Moving downtown...right by the Art Gallery, several artists display their work for sale. We met a fellow who suggesed we get large paper clips to hang our canvases on the construction fence. I was taking a break and stretching my legs while we were busking and checked out what I thought was a kind of cool sculpture of a giant ceral box outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. Turns out it is an advertisement for a car. I guess it's a thin line between art and commerce these days...well maybe it's always been that way ha!

I've walked over here to this vantage point...ala The Conversation to take a picture of the setting of where we enjoy busking here. If you click on the photo above you'll be able to distinguish Stagg and our art work hanging on the blue construction fence. What a beautiful location and isn't downtown Vancouver pretty?

Sitting on the steps of the Vancouver Court House, looking way over to where we have our paintings set up, there are young people dancing under the huge skylight cover which seems to also be a skating rink or dancefloor. Really good dancers too doing break and hip hop moves. In the 1990's, on the steps above in front of the Art Gallery there used to be tons of punks and urban hipsters dancing West Coast Swing. I like that there seems to be a street dancing tradition now here in this area of downtown Vancouver.


X. Dell said...

I don't get it. How does a sculpture of Cheerios help to sell a car? Is General Mills buying out General Motors?

BTW, neither of those are real generals.

This has been a very interesting trip. You might have a future in writing travelogues, if the busking thing turns dry.

Gardenia said...

Downtown Vancouver is beautiful! Wonderful photos. Wondering if you are still up there. Sage said he tried to call. His birthday is tomorrow - 14! We've been celebrating all weekend, he has new videos, so soon I'm going to fish him out and cut the ice cream cake. Think of you often!

Candy Minx said...

X Dell, the car was supposed to be falling out of the cereal like a toy prize. Dumb. Meanwhile....the trip is still ongoing....

Gardenia, yes Vancouver is a stunning city. We are still here and sorry to miss Sage's phone call. We shall try to phone you. My roaming feature is off on my phone for the moment. Thinking of you too! Happy BD Sage!