Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where We Been

We had the great luck to have a friend in town who needed help with her new house. So where we been is helping paint and demo some of her place to get ready to move her in. Here are some odds and ends of what Stagg (and his new buddy, Patric) have been up to tearing out rotten plaster and wood...they had the hard work...while I've been painting...


X. Dell said...

Nice to see you're still keeping on. I've been away from cyberspace for awhile, so don't take offense that I haven't come by.

Okay, go ahead and take offense.

Getting a house ready is a big job. I'm hoping there's some fun in it.

Regarding the post on PM Harper and his attack on Health Canada, a fellow blogger has had a hell of a time--not because of the health care system per se, but because of the privatization of healthcare management. It almost killed her. Still, it puts another finger in the pie, doesn't it?

Gardenia said...

Looks like a huge project. I think you guys are angels that go around and we are lucky to have been touched by you.