Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Nuck Yeah!

We have some pretty exciting evenings with my nephews and friends watching the Canucks in the Playoffs here in Vancouver. The first couple weeks we were here Vancouver was playing the Blackhawks! Oh boy, did Stagg raise eyebrowns when folks here were introduced to him. Those games were super fun watching with our nephews everyone was just pasted to the tv and tv room. My nephews loved the real life drama of Chicago up against Vancouver. We did not plan our arrival but it sure added to the vibe around here. Hey Stagg had the hockey excitement last year...and it's time for Vancouver.

I just love the motif above. I had this on a t-shirt when I was in high school out here on the Island and up in Kitimat. My t-shirt said "property of the Vancouver Canucks" right under that team design. That was the design for Canucks hockey team from 1970 to 1980. I've seen a lot of shirts with this design on them this season around town.

A variation of the above motif was on team players during the 70's and early 90's. But my two faves are the new Orca/Haida inspired design and the ol' simple hoockey stick. We are all pretty stoked for this weeks Stanley Cup to begin on Wednesday.


nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

that is cool.. sorry i havent been around much. i have been having blogger problems and commenting lately..

mister anchovy said...

Go Canucks!!