Friday, June 03, 2011

Beach Bums

Here is a pic of Stagg in front of a sculpture of Emily Carr. Stagg loves this sculpture. Carr used to have a monkey and a horse like this. We might go visit her grave. We took Mister Anchovy there once many years ago. If you don't know who Emily Carr is, you should!

These next three pictures imagine as a panoramic set. That is the view we have had many times when we walk down to Kits Beach.

Yep, we grabbed a six pack (ssshhhh)and spent the afternoon here...

We've been enjoying the grafitti of "Mr 8" all over Vangroovy, from trains, to trucks to buildings.

2 comments: said...

Hope you two are having a wonderful time. Its getting warm here in WI.. and more than likely not much better in Chicago.. So take your time coming home.. Enjoy your visit.

X. Dell said...

Vangroovy sounds like a place I want to visit before I die. Maybe I can place my X next to Mr. 8.

Because of the wiki link you provided, I now know who Emily Carr is. Some really interesting paintings, and I can readily see the indiginous American influence.