Saturday, June 11, 2011


Canada's oldest Chinatown. I used to hang out here with friends back in the day.

A tiny alley in Chinatown.

The Empress Hotel, a swanky joint on the harbour. We're just walking past. Our hostel suited us fine this trip, har.

Stagg with yet another sculpture of Emily Carr and her monkey.

I love this building. That's me outside the museum.

Big Bad John's is a pub I've gone to for a number of years. Good sleeves of beer.

The Parliment Buildings and harbour at dusk in Victoria. Lots of people busking their art work here.

The Emily Carr House.

This is the Beacon Hill Drive In and has been there since 1958. I've drank a lot of coffee and had a lots of burgers and fries here.

This is where I used to live in Victoria. I shared this place rather like Snow White and the 7 Dwarves with half a dozen guy room mates. I loved the garden, with a p[ond in the back and a huge rose garden. Life was quite a fairy tale back then. When I first moved to Toronto, I used to cry because I missed how pretty it was and I missed the ocean. But showing the place to Stagg the other day (he was shocked by the size, it's a huge mansion he said "what!!!") I was so happy how things had worked out over the years and all the great people I've met and I never would have met Stagg.

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D said...

Yo Antnee ... dig the lid! Specially the pic below Big Bad John Pub shot.