Sunday, June 12, 2011

Denman Island

Okay so we drove north of Victoria, north of Nanaimo, and then took a ferry off Vancouver Island to Denman Island. Does that make sense? We're on our way to see one of my dearest friends. We've known each other since we were teens we saw the Dalai Lama together in 1981, she practices Astrology and is a Deadhead. And a real sweetheart! (my other friend we're going to see in a couple days...who I've known since I was 10!)

After our tour of Victoria city we drove up the Malahat Drive. It's quite a climb and a wild three lane highway. We saw a bear! Just as we were heading towards Denman Island we saw a bear on the side of the road. Stagg kept saying like a drone "I saw a bear. On an island." Very funny. We lost track of how many eagles we've seen. We also saw lots of seals. Stagg says they aren't seals, they're dogs in mermaid costumes, to which I can't stop laughing.

Downtown Denman. Downtown is a general store with food, staples, beer, and fresh bread and eggs. A museum, an art gallery. Like 4 buildings. There is a softball team though. About a 1000 people live on Denman Island. We are checking out the very large cool murals hanging on the outside of the art gallery here.

One of the many tranquil beaches to be found on Denman.

We've had an amazing couple of days on Denman. Seriously good food, roast hicken and nice cold beer and wine and great company. We got very very relaxed! We watched hummingbirds for hours. We went to the beach and watched eagles hunting.

The view from the piano.

Her name is Frankie, but we ended up calling her "Princess Marilyn Frankie" because she was such a poser and pin-up cat.


Furtheron said...

Do you think an totem pole in my front garden in leafy suburban south east England would look out of place?

Candy Minx said...

No, Furtheron, I'll try mailing you one! Har...I say go for it!