Monday, June 27, 2011

Nature On Steroids

We're driving east through the Rockies. It was pretty intense especially for Stagg. 5000 feet and counting. Up and down on Crows Nest Hwy. One evening just before we met up with fellow blogger Wandering Coyote we saw 6 deer and two moose ON THE ROAD. In the rain. Which slowed us up quite a bit. The next day somewhere in banff national park an oncoming vehicle flashed it's lights at us. I slowed thinking either it was a cop with radar or an animal on the road. As I pulled up the crest of a "hill" we saw a bear. I actually really slowed down and for one silly moment I thought " I'll take a picture". As soon as I was about ten feet from the bear i realized shit that's a grizzly. She was huge and orange and had her mouth wide open like she was trying to catch the rain. And I felt like our car might just as well be a can of soup to her... And I didn't stop. Wow. Stagg later said he wanted to go to home depot and buy two toilets. Take out the seats of our car and replace them with the toilets so we could shit our pants. Poor Stagg... And then about an hour later we saw a black bear. Stagg kept mumbling...."I saw a grizzly. On a mountain"

I'll post some pics when I can get on to a computer. I'm sending this from my cell phone. We checked into a hotel and the woman who worked there was from austrailia and she dismissed her nature and said Canada is nature on steroids.


Wandering Coyote said...

Wildlife sightings are the shizz! I'm jealous of your grizzly sighting, actually. We see tons of black bears around here, but I've never seen a grizzly before.

tif said...

some people wait their whole life for a grizzly sighting, and some big city guy comes along and is all instant nature guy.

keep heading east!!!!


mister anchovy said...

I've gone fly fishing in grizzly country quite a few times and have never seen one. That's a spectacular sight! (and even better in the safety of a moving car).

The Rockys always look unreal to me, like the world can't really be that way.

Candy Minx said...

Wandering Coyote, I am so glad we were able to meet up with you. Stagg and I have been saying how great it was to see you. Btw the video turned out I am sure. I still feel nauseated about the grizzly to think I almost stopped the car like a dumbass tourist. Oh right I am a dumbass tourist!

Tiff we are sitting in a beautiful campsite with bacon on the fire and reading yourcomments out loud. We can't wait to see you along with our Thunderheart visions... And give Hudson a big hug!!! It's about 9 pm and still light in our pine forest campsite. We are closer than you know. I tried phoning Scott to see if we should call his mum but the pay phones aren't working. I am going to email him cuz wifi is!

Mister Anchovy, I still using my special technique of drinking some beer to ease my bearanooa. Can't wait to hear about your recent fishing trip I will pop by your blog! said...

Hey there.. Hope the vacationing expedition is going great.. Glad to hear you met up with WC. Wish we could go that far some day.. Maybe.. But not now.. Lots going on here again.. Not in my blog posts.. but lots going on.enjoy your selves. Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Are you there yet????

Still missing you!